New Music School and Steinway & Sons Educational Partner Studio

For more than 163 years Steinway has been an avid supporter of music education. From the beginning of Steinway's history, when Loretta Steinway gave piano lessons to prospective clients to secure a piano sale, to our present day support for music festivals worldwide, we have believed that music education is of the utmost importance. In return, we have enjoyed assisting students and their families in making the best decisions about their musical investment. For this reason, we call this program the Steinway Showroom Affiliate Program.

The Steinway Showroom Affiliate Program is designed to support and further music education by providing quality instruments to piano teaching community music schools. Through this program, New Music School received a loan of Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos for all our teaching studios. In return, New Music School will act as a showroom for Steinway & Sons, allowing the pianos to be viewed and sold during non-teaching hours.

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Suggested Options for NMS Families

NMS and Steinway have worked together to select a few models that we recommend. If you choose to go outside these options, please contact NMS so we can help with your selection.

  • Steinway Rental Program

  • Steinway Acoustic Pianos

  • Steinway Acoustic Spirio Pianos

  • Steinway Acoustic Pianos with Silent Piano

Keyboard vs Acoustic?
Because we know students who learn on keyboards quit after the first year of study because they can't achieve our expectations of them, NMS has a firm no-keyboard policy after the first year of study. This includes any Yamaha Clavinova branded instrument.