Jury & Placement Jury

Next jury day: Sunday, May 5th, 2019

  • String and Winds juries 10:00am-1pm

  • Piano juries 1pm-5pm

  • Voice juries 12-3pm

Upon completion of your placement jury, students will be evaluated for their performance level and assigned a NMS House.

Upon completion of your jury, comments will be returned to the students and their teacher. Students must complete juries to pass out of their level/NMS House. 

The NMS Houses

  • House of Bach

  • House of Mozart

  • House of Beethoven

  • House of Ravel

  • House of Glass



  • Bring in a copy of your music for the judges.

  • Time announcement: TBD

  • Placement Jury Fee $0

  • Jury Fee $10

If you have any questions, please email rhapsody@newmusicschool.com