Jury & Placement Jury

Please sign up for your jury or placement jury at New Music School. 

Upon completion of your placement jury, students will be evaluated for their performance level and assigned a NMS House. If the evaluator feels a NMS House can not be assigned, then this will be listed in the provided comments.

Upon completion of your jury, comments will be returned to the students and their teacher. Students must complete juries to pass out of their level/NMS House. 

The NMS Houses

  • Level 1 — House of Bach
  • Level 2 — House of Mozart
  • Level 3 — House of Beethoven
  • Level 4 — House of Ravel
  • Level 5 — House of Glass


  • Fill out the registration form below for juries on Sunday, May 6th.
  • Please bring in a copy of your music for the judges.
  • Registration Deadline: Saturday, April 28th, 2018
  • Time announcement:  Monday, April 30th
  • String and Winds juries:
    • 10:00am-1pm
  • Piano and Voice juries:
    • 2pm-5pm

If you have any questions, please email join@newmusicschool.com

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