Placement Jury

Please sign up for the placement jury at New Music School. 

Prior to starting our Fall Semester 2017, all students are to complete a placement jury.

Upon completion of the jury, students will be evaluated for their performance level and assigned a NMS House. If the evaluator feels a NMS House can not be assigned, then this will be listed in the provided comments.

NMS will send comments the week after a jury is completed.

Why Placement Juries?

As New Music School begins to implement its enriched music curriculum, students will need to complete a Placement Jury.

To represent the different tiers of the curriculum, NMS has chosen to assign house names for each tier. 

The NMS Houses

  • Level 1 — House of Bach
  • Level 2 — House of Mozart
  • Level 3 — House of Beethoven
  • Level 4 — House of Ravel
  • Level 5 — House of Glass


  • Below, Select your desired performance time
  • Your performance time is confirmed after completing the check-out process (no cc is needed to checkout)
  • Please bring in a copy of your music with measures numbered

If you have any questions, please email

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