A Celebration of Aleksandra Jovanovic's Life

Aleksandra Jovanovic, a beloved teacher, mother and friend of many passed away on December 1, 2016. On January 28th at 5PM, New Music School will host a concert to celebrate the life of Aleksandra Jovanovic at Symphony Center in Chicago. Below, please RSVP to let us know you are coming :).

 An amazing musician, an incredible teacher and a dear friend to us all. Aleksandra will never be forgotten by any of us.  She meant so much to all of us at NMS and to her students.  The beauty in this moment of grief is that she is now free from her suffering, and can leave us with the comfort and assurance that we have a little of Aleksandra in all of our hearts and memories.  Her legacy will live on through her sons, Philip and Alexander, and through all of the lives impacted through her countless years of teaching. 

Father John said at her service, "Aleksandra said in her final days that she wasn't afraid to die, but felt she had so much more to give."  Those that knew Aleksandra know this statement to be very true.  She lived a generous and gracious life.

With this concert, we celebrate the amazing life lived out by Aleksandra.



  • Date — January 28, 2017
  • Time — 5PM, estimated 90 minute concert

  • Location — Grainger Ballroom @ Symphony Center, Home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (220 S Michigan Ave. Chicago IL 60604)


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