No. 4 - NMS — Under Construction

We are making changes...

Prior to the New Year 2017, NMS will be undergoing some updates to our space inside. We truly appreciate your patience with all the changes. We are hoping you will love the additions. And yes, Yoga is coming — more below.

2017 Spring Semester
Levels 1-3 Only

  1. Independent Study — $160 per semester, come prior to lesson and work at the community table with supervised study (similar to Apple's learn tables)

  2. Classroom — $240 per semester for 45-minute theory class (8 student class minimum) 

  3. Privately in Lessons — $400 per semester, add an extra 15 minutes to your private lesson


Because of our commitment to Theory and making sure ALL students participate in Levels 1-3, we have updated our Theory options for the Spring Semester. NMS will be adding a community table where students can get tutoring before their lessons. We spell out the options here. Sign-ups will be announced soon.


Yoga accompanied by Live Music

In an effort to begin implementing wellness into our curriculum at NMS, we will be offering Yoga starting after the holidays. 

Ever thought of what it would be like to experience live music during your Yoga Session. At NMS, we are making that happen. With the top instructors from all of Chicago and abroad, NMS will be bringing Yoga classes to Chicago, while being accompanied by Live Music. Costs are outlined here. Sign-ups will begin soon!

Yoga Pricing

NON-NMS Students

  1. First Time Class, $20
  2. 1 Class, $30
  3. 5 Classes, $140
  4. 10 Classes, $260
  5. 20 Classes, $480

NMS Enrolled Students or Parents

  1. First Time Class, $20
  2. 1 Class, $25
  3. 5 Classes, $115
  4. 10 Classes, $210
  5. 20 Classes, $380

Additional changes will include  new floors, paint, lobby area, outside gallery area, retail area, and bathrooms.

For the time being, we would kindly ask you to use the restroom facilities either on Level 6 near Bloomingdales cafe or Level 5.

I truly appreciate your support and patience as we get through this new phase at NMS.


Founder, New Music School