Austria 2020

A mountainous and breathtakingly beautiful country, Austria is rich in cultural history, producing some of the greatest musicians (Mozart, Haydn, Liszt, Strauss), scientists (Doppler & Mendel) and psychologists (Freud). Austria will leave you smiling, understanding that the hills & cities really ARE alive with the sound of music. The Czech Republic was established mere decades ago after the Velvet Revolution. With beautiful terrain, medieval castles, flowing rivers, and a warm citizenry, The Czech Republic is now one of the most prosperous post-communist states.


April 11 - April 17, 2020

Day 1 - Departure from Chicago O’Hare
Day 2 - Arrive in Vienna - Bratislava (3 nights)
Day 3 - Day trip to Vienna - Concert Performance
Day 4 - Day trip to Vienna - Attend a concert performance
Day 5 - Bratislava - Cesky Krummlov - Prague (2 nights)
Day 6 - Prague - Concert Performance
Day 7 - Depart from Prague

Cost of Trip: $3,399
Cost of Rehearsals 27 Weeks: $1,000
Total Cost: $4,399

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