New Music School Attendance Policy

Students should plan to be in attendance at all scheduled lessons. Regular lesson attendance is important to maintain the quality of your education.    

Lessons missed due to following reasons will not be counted against students as missed lessons, and will not be billed for:         

  1. NMS scheduled events (such as recitals or festivals) which directly conflict with a scheduled lesson time.

  2. NMS scheduled semester breaks, though students may still elect to take lessons during semester breaks pending on the availability of their instructor.  

  3. The absence of the instructor - If you would like to maintain the consistency of your lessons while your primary instructor is away, we will consult with them and arrange for an approved substitute.

Lessons missed for any other reason without the prior approval of the instructor will be billed for.

All group class and classroom instruction is non-refundable/credited per missed class. 

For questions about policies, billing and rates, please contact our administration. For individual questions about scheduling, please contact your NMS Staff.